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MCS for 25 KV high speed requirements - 20 KN and 24 KN. Raychem Indigenous Modular Cantilever System is designed to support the assembly of overhead power transmission wires — i.e., catenary (1000/1200 kgf tension), contact (1000/1200 kgf tension), and droppers — to transfer the overall bending, transverse, and vertical loads to the mast via insulators. The quintessential cantilever is lightweight and robust enough to support the current-carrying assembly for semi-high speed and high-speed trains up to 250 km/h. In addition to these functional requirements, ease of maintenance, transportation, handling, and aesthetics have been considered.

  • Make in India
  • Simple and light in weight - Factory fitted assembly, ready to install , Ease of installation and servicing at site, Low maintenance and onsite inspection
  • Structural integrity- Validated for severe static and dynamic loading condition, Designed for high tension OHE lines for high-speed trains
  • Corrosion resistant, long service life and reliable
  • Suitable at various positions – Push off & pull off, Anti creep, Box , Overlap Arrangements etc
  • Best Insulator Technology – Polymeric Insulators providing high mechanical strength combined with polymeric shredded profile making light weight design
  • One solution for all variants, different assembly/configurations possible - Pull / Push off for implantation 2.36 m to 3.6 m Anti-creep arrangement Flexibility - box arrangement for yards (1.0m) Stretched length for platform (upto 4.7m) Over
  • Ideal for existing and new high-speed Railway lines, DFCC and Metros
  • more...

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Comply with latest RDSO Specification No. TI/SPC/OHE/MCS/0150(08/2015) 


Technical Information

Sr No




Line Tension

20/24/30 kN


Train Speed

200 Kmph


Span Length

≤ 72 m



Upto 0.3m



Max. 1.4 m


Implantation/Setting Distance

2.36 – 3.6 m

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