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Theft & Loss Reduction

Raychem understands the problem and offers unique solutions which help Indian utilities to bring down the losses significantly....

Over 27% of the total electrical energy in India is lost because of Aggregate Technical and commercial (AT&C) losses making a woeful comparison with global standards. If the losses are not kept in check, it is estimated to cost over Rs. 40,000 crores to Indian distribution utilities. The technical losses are primarily because of the type of conductors used, transformer capacity, and other equipments used for transmission and distribution of electricity. The commercial losses are caused mainly due to meter tampering, power theft and collection inefficiency.

LV-Aerial Bundled Conductor (LV ABC) System is an effective solution offered by Raychem which prevents theft by direct tapping, the most basic method of stealing electricity.

Raychem Wedge Utility Connectors are designed around an engineering principle which we call ‘Wedge Pressure Technology’.Wedge Pressure Technology

Indian state utilities are striving hard to come out of the red and are now aggressively investing in upgrading and strengthening the medium voltage (MV) and low voltage...

NH vertical switch fuse disconnectors are three-pole fuse-switches for busbar mounting where three single-pole fuse-switches are vertically arranged in one unit.

Transformer is a vital component of a distribution system. It has to deliver Reliable Power in a safe & efficient manner. However, 8% of the transformers installed

Raychem RPG offers high thickness, higher IP, Aluminium pressure die cast enclosures. These are basically used for harsh and demanding application...

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