Working @ Trafo

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Working @ Trafo

Fun @ Trafo

In Trafo we believe that fun @ work not only improves efficiency of employees but also bring them together to create stronger bonding. The underline belief is derived from the early learning of our lives that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Throughout the year we plan various fun @ work activity including trek, sport matches etc. To ensure that this momentum never ceases we continue our effort in making Trafo a fun place to work.

Reward & Recognition

We have many platforms of rewarding and recognizing our people performances. These different R&R platform gives an opportunity to appreciate our people’s big & small contributions that adds value to Trafo's growth or culture. People across levels can reward their managers, peers or subordinate.

In Trafo though we celebrate superior performance but at the same time we don’t forget to pat the back of good performers, with this we believe that today’s good performers can turn into tomorrow superior performers.

Celebrations @ Trafo

We do not like to miss celebrating important occasions or festivals in Trafo. Right from celebrating employees birthday to organization’s achievements, we like to cease all the happy moments celebrating it together. These celebrations gives birth to positive and high energy that adds to deeper emotional connect with Trafo.

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