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Variety of tools used with Cable Ties, Bands & Buckles to tighten/crimp/ cut excess lengths. Keep 2 types of tools, Tools for cable ties and tools for bands.

  • Make in India
  • We offer a variety of tools for installation of clamping systems.

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RR-G01 Cable Tie Automatic Gun 

Easy to install automatic gun, with single hand operation
Cable tie side entry for immediate positioning of tie and tool
Controlled tension and fully adjustable to achieve desired tension
Easy and automatic removal of excess tie length with auto cut-off
Applicable for 4.6 & 7.9mm Ball Lock Cable Ties

 RR-PO2 Cable Tensioning Plier 

Hand operated tool with controlled tension and cut-off
Cable tie side entry for immediate positioning of tie and tool
Easy removal of excess tie length. Lever actuated cut-off
Rugged,lightweight,easy to operate. Plier type tool provides mechanical advantage

 RR-TO3 Band and Buckle Crimping Tool 

Band&Buckle Crimping tool features a spring-loaded gripper lever for more efficient strap handling
Cut-off handle is vinyl coated for easy operation
Standardbluecoating finish provides superior corrosion resistance and enhances life
Applicable for uncoated bands up to 20mm, width & thickness 1.2mm
RR-B04 (Bantam Tool)
Applicable for cable ties and bands and buckles
For all sizes of cable ties and coated bands of 20mm, thickness 1.2 mm

 RR-R06 (Ratchet Tool) 

Applicable for Bands & Buckles only


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