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Exothermic Welding Powder FullScreen
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Produce high quality electrical connections between different metals (copper to copper / copper to steel)

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Part No  

Raychem RPG Item Description  

RWP 045  

Exo-thermic Welding Powder 45grams. 

RWP 065  

Exo-thermic Welding Powder 65grams. 

RWP 090  

Exo-thermic Welding Powder 90grams. 

RWP 115  

Exo-thermic Welding Powder 115grams. 

RWP 150  

Exo-thermic Welding Powder 150grams. 

RWP 200  

Exo-thermic Welding Powder 200grams. 

RWP 250  

Exo-thermic Welding Powder 250grams. 

Technical Information

Weld Powder produces high quality electrical connection between different metals (Copper to Copper / Copper to Steel)
It is a reaction of copper oxide and aluminium inside a mould that forms a permanent joint by igniting weld powder with flint gun
Ignition Powder and steel disc are provided as part of Weld Powder


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