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Used for igniting and initiating exothermic reaction. Welding accessories like Flint Gun, Handle Clamp, Mould Cleaning Brush, Weld Cavity Cleaning Brush, File Card Brush, Slag remover scrapper and Hand Gloves are used to securely make a joint.

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Part No

Raychem RPG Item Description


Flint Gun


Handle Clamp (Small)


Handle Clamp (Big)


Mould Cleaning Brush


Weld Cavity cleaning brush


File Card Brush


Slag remover scrapper


Hand Gloves

Technical Information

Parameter Value
Flint Gun It is used to ignite & initiate in exothermic Reaction
Handle Clamp To clamp the two/three partmould together (or) clamping the mould to the surface to which a connection is to be made
Mould Cleaning Brush Used for cleaning the scrap on mould after weld joints are completed
Weld Cavity Cleaning Brush Used for cleaning the scrap on mould Cavity after weld joints are completed
File Card Brush It is used for Cleaning surface of tape
Slag Remover Scrapper It is used for removing Slag leftovers after weld joints are completed
Hand Gloves It is used to provide safety high temperature resistant gloves while working on the exothermic reaction.


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