Raychem RPG, one of the leading Transformer Manufacturing companies in the world. Raychem RPG is known for engineering growth and pioneering excellence.We have our state-of-art transformer manufacturing facility at Chakan near Pune, India. We are the only transformer manufacturing company in the world having award for Total Productivity Management (TPM) Excellence from Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM)

This, state of the art facility is spread across 11 acres. The Chakan facility was established in 2007. Since then, we have grown to a Close knitted family of more than 150 management Staff and more than 400 highly skilled operators. Our products are supplied across the globe in more than 40 countries and we’ve presence in various geographies like Middle East, South Africa, Europe, South America and many more

Chakan facility has one manufacturing plant for transformers and another for busbars. We also have an in-house service shed. We manufacture 3 types of transformers i.e. Oil Filled transformers, Dry Type transformers & Specialty transformers. We have Automatic Cast resin Plant & Vacuum Impregnation Plant where we manufacture Vacuum Impregnated and Cast resin transformers. Apart from that we also manufacture Compact Substations. We manufacture transformers up to 45 MVA 132 kV. The plant is designed by keeping in mind and focusing on renewable segment of transformers along with the efficiency and quality of the product. Every year, Chakan facility produces more than 1750 equivalent MVA of transformers.

Some of the key infrastructure includes :

  • Fully digitalized shop floor.
  • Multiple capacity EOT Cranes from 5T to 50T for Lifting.
  • Winding Section is equipped with Semi Automated Winding Machines & positive pressurized facility.
  • 45 MVA Job ovening capacity with Automated Vacuum Drying Oven.
  • The in-house facility includes winding, core coil assembly, CRT technology, VPI technology, tanking and testing.
  • We are NABL certified test Lab suitable from 100 KVA to 45000 KVA Testing for all routine tests, Type tests and special tests ( e.g Temperature rise, Impulse, Noise level, Partial discharge )
  • Other Certificates include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE certificate for Oil and Dry type transformer, F1 test at CNPP france and many other.

In house Design

Our Design department employs a wealth of experience to develop product specifications combining a high degree of engineering integrity with the necessary commercial design for manufacture and quality considerations. It shows our customers receive the optimum design for their specific product requirement. Each design goes through rigorous design reviews and validation and new development. We have the latest software’s like Autodesk inventor professional 2011 & AutoCAD mechanical 2011 for 3D & 2D modeling.

A team of over 20 Electrical & Mechanical design engineers of various capabilities are specialized in design of Dry type and Oil Cooled transformers for special and diversified applications. Our design capabilities are proven fact. We successfully designed and supplied cast resin transformers with K20 rating with LV Winding and Electrostatic shield.

Impulse Test Lab

We have well equipped and precisely calibrated 800kV, 40 kJ impulse generator with pneumatic controls, multi chopping gap 12 bit data acquisition and control system with this we can conduct the lightning impulse test as per IS and IEC guidelines. We can also conduct switching impulse test upto 500kV and chopping impulse upto 800kV.

Partial Discharge Test Lab

We have well equipped lab with Omicron make MPD600 model digital receiver with Faraday’s cage for measuring partial discharge value less than 1pc.It has high measurement accuracy with completely digital data processing with excellent tools,even the smallest PD pulses are separated from interference and analyzed.

Routine Test Lab

We have world class in house testing facility for carryout the tests as per IS 2026, IS 11171 & IEC Standards. We ensure that 100% testing of transformer before delivering to customer. Our Testing equipment's are regularly calibrated at independent Government recognized laboratories which ensure the accuracy of readings and data delivered during the testing.

Foil Winding Technology

Foil Winding machine is fully customized to meet the requirements of special designs of dry type and oil cooled transformers. The integrated modular design allows various configurations with multiple foils insulation types coil shapes and material processing functions.

This machine has a programmable control system with remote troubleshooting available integrated cold weld and tig weld system upto 2 foils of copper or aluminum. It also have servo of vector main drive system with automatic or manual run features.

VPI Technology

The Winding coils are the pre heated cool down and then it is loaded into the vacuum pressure impregnation chamber in which the coil is subjected to evacuation cycle the resin is flooded from the bottom till the material reaches above the coil height.

There after the submerged coil is subject to air pressure to replace the entrapped air bubble by resin. The entire process is PLC based monitoring system.

Cast Resin Technology

Raychem RPG has an ultra-modern resin casting plant and automatic silica filler loading system developed in collaboration with the leading German company Hedrich who are leaders in providing vacuum casting solutions.

Homogeneous mixture of resin, hardener & filler is made under vacuum to ensure the void free encapsulation. This ensures the partial discharge free casting of coil which needs national and international standards. Over pressurization during casting to achieve the complete impregnation resulting in good mechanical strength.

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