Raychem RPG's Products Presence across Oil & Gas, Energy , Transformers and Solar & Energy Management System

Energy Storage Solutions

We have our own Made in India energy storage solution, engineered to excellence and customized to the specific needs of customers.

Types of Energy Storage Solutions

We have already been awarded two MW BESS projects, first in the country and has executed one of them successfully. The MW BESS is a containerised solution which can be used in T&D utilities, conventional, hybrid and other power plants.

RaychemRPG has its own power conditioning system which works on a patented dynamic transfer technology and can replace the conventional online UPS in commercial and industrial applications.

Now integrate our EMS controller with any KW or MW size plants and make them smart.

RaychemRPG has partnered with leading battery manufacturers across the world like LG, Samsung to supply lithium ion and lead acid batteries with all available specifications.

RaychemRPG has developed a KW scale battery energy storage system which fits in a single small rack and can be transported across to any remote location. This system can be connected to any of the power generation source like solar, wind or hybrid.

RaychemRPG offers custom made hybrid solution consisting of its BESS system for storage and solar PV for generation. This system can act as a Micro grid and helps you provide stable 24*7 power at competitive prices.

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