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Application - Pipeline Freeze Protection

Floor Heating

Raychem electrical under floor heating systems are installed close to the floor surface, resulting in a quick warm-up of the room. They increase comfort at home whilst saving on heating costs – in renovation and new construction projects.

Hot Water Temperature Maintenance

Today’s hot water system requirements focus on the combination of users’ comfort as well as operational and energy savings. With this in mind, Raychem has developed its hot water temperature maintenance system to keep the water at the right temperature everywhere in the building, no matter how complex the building. The intelligent system keeps the investment cost low and then it operates economically and efficiently.

Long Pipeline Heating

Long line heating systems offer economical solutions for freeze protection and temperature maintenance of long transfer lines with system lengths of typically 250m or more.

Long lines are usually transfer fluids between processing plants or to storage or transportation facilities. Tank farms, piers for ocean transport vessels, and pipes between petrochemical facilities are other examples of applications for which long line heat tracing may be used. Long line tracing systems can be complex to design and install and can represent a significant capital investment for a plant.

Raychem RPG provides a wide range of industry-proven technologies for these applications depending on length and temperature ranges.

Pipe Freeze Protection

Raychem RPG offers complete heating systems for Frost protection to meet the diverse requirements of many different industries: oil and gas, utilities, petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, pulp and paper, and pharmaceuticals.

Water, and fluids containing significant water, expand as they freeze. This expansion can cause the pipe to break—leading to property damage or production loss, or jeopardizing personnel safety.

We offer various systems of pipe freeze protection using different technologies, suitable for use in hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

Process Temperature Maintenance

Pipe heat tracing is critical for process temperature maintenance of pipes that are expected to have stagnant fluids for prolonged times.

Raychem RPG industrial heat-tracing systems reliably maintain process temperatures in a wide range of applications.

Our systems use different technologies and are suitable for use in hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

Snow Melting-Roof & Gutter

Melting and refreezing of ice can damage roofs and gutters. Heavy icicles may fall and cause injury. The Raychem system melts snow and ice in gutters before they build up. It offers a continuous draining path for the melted ice and snow through the gutter and drain pipe.

Tank Heating

Tank heating systems are used for freeze protection and maintaining fluid temperatures in small, medium and large-volume, industrial storage tanks and vessels. Typical applications for tank heating systems and vessels include:

Freeze protection of low and medium viscosity fluids (e.g. water, ammonia)
Temperature maintenance for medium viscosity fluids (e.g. oils, resins)
Crystallization prevention (e.g. caustic soda)
Condensation prevention (e.g. fly ash in conical bases of silos)
Specialty applications that include heat-up, high viscosity fluids and agitation applications

The best systems are often comprised of electric heat trace cables, advanced control systems, connection kits and insulation.

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