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Process Heaters – Heating Jacket - Drum Heating Pads

Heating Jacket – Heating Panel

Electric Heating jackets are highly flexible in nature and can be used to raise and maintain the temperature of contents in tanks, reaction kettles, uneven shaped vessels, dish ends, conical bottoms of vessels where the heat is required. This flexible electric heater provides heat from external surface of the device to be heated.

Being an external heating system, maintenance is possible without the need for costly, disturbing shutdowns. High flexibility also ensures that good heating element contact resulting in lower element temperature and hence long life.

Immersion Heaters – Outflow Heaters

Raychem RPG design, manufacture, supply, install and commission wide range of immersion and outflow heaters which are most suitable for storage tanks of oils, chemicals and any contents for raising the temperature. These heaters are best alternative to tubular immersion heaters. We design the system in such a way, that whenever any heater is required to replace, it is not necessary to remove the contents from the tank. These heaters are made with different wattages and different sizes. Made out of MS, SS304, SS316, SS316L and as per customers choice.

Line Heaters – Pre Heating System

We design, manufacture, supply install and commission preheating system and line heaters to raise the temperature of the contents flowing through pipelines. For heavy fuel oils, the required temperature varies from place to place and at certain places temperature has to be raised. While raising the temperature, there are several factors like the flow rate, temperature to be raised, pressure, time factor etc., to be considered. Depending on these factors, the power load, number of heaters etc., can be decided. We offer the complete system line preheating system, pumping system, filters etc. The preheater works by capturing energy which significantly raises the efficiency of overall system. It is the most precise control of heating distribution process available in industry and it also attributes to long product life. It also leads to reduced maintenance and downtime costs.

Drum Heating Pads

For heating viscous materials in standard drums we offer flexible electric surface heating pads which can be wrapped on drums to melt the material in the drums. These heating pads are made with nichrome wire and fiberglass cloth/ Teflon coated fiberglass cloth. Heating pads are highly flexible and will have a proper contact with the surface of the drum allowing no air gap. These pads are highly efficient in producing uniform heat to the entire barrel. On each drum a single pad or multiple pads can be used.

It provides very little power but provides great utility.They are designed to provide convenient heating/ insulation system for raising the temperature of liquid and semi-solid products transported in steel and plastic drums. This jacket is resistant to most acids, alkalis and solvents.They can be custom manufactured to fit smaller drums, cylinders etc.

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