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Power Cable Accessories

Under the well-established brand name Raychem, Raychem RPG offers a comprehensive range of cable accessories for almost all cable types...READ MORE

Low / Medium Voltage Connection System

A reliable power supply network has many factors that govern its efficiency. Some of the more significant ones include the cable accessories as well as the connectors and fittings...READ MORE

Insulation Enhancement System

Raychem RPG produces high voltage insulating products, cable accessories and protection systems for electrical supply companies and utilities, original equipment manufacturers and major industrial companies...READ MORE

Polymeric Insulators

Our competence in material science is fundamental to our ability to design polymeric insulators that more than meet application requirements...READ MORE

Operating Rods / Hollowcore Bushings

Raychem's Hollow Core Insulators consist of a glass fiber-reinforced epoxy tube,aluminum-casted flanges and silicone rubber housing...READ MORE

Surge Arrester

Raychem's polymeric surge arresters for voltage power distribution systems upto 800kV are designed to reliably protect your valuable assets from over voltage. They withstand severe outdoor exposure over long operating lifetime and help maintain service reliability in both overhead and underground installations...READ MORE

Personnel Protective equipment

Elecsafe is a complete source of personal protective equipements which are built to exceed international as well as in indian standards in electrical safety...READ MORE

Anti-theft system in overhead networks distribution

The utilitarian advantages of Raychem RPG's Distribution Box becomes active only with the highly specialized set of busbars. Dessigned with utmost precision...READ MORE

Anti-theft tamper proof meter units

Raychem RPG’s Meter Unit is 100% transparent from all sides and made of flame retardant V0 grade polycarbonate with high durability and weathering resistance solution...READ MORE

Low Loss Wedge Connectors

Reliability and low technical losses are vital in energy industry and EnergyProducts Division, a strategic business unit of Raychem RPG is cmmited to pioneering imporivement...READ MORE


Reduction in I2R Losses, Safe Insulated Connections , Lockable , Tamper Proof Design , Easy Sectionalising...READ MORE

Trafo Connector

Raychem's TRAFOCONNECT is engineered to keep the contact resistance low for the lifetime of the transformer. Its lighter & pretty simple to install as it uses the modern shear bolt technology, hence avoiding the skill & tool dependent crimping methodology. It significantly increases the reliabilityofthe transformer....READ MORE

LV Underground Distribution System

Low voltage underground 2 nd 4 way link boxes are used for connecting and switching adjacent sections of low voltage 3 or 4 core able from 70mm to 300mm.....READ MORE

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