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The New Innovative and Smart Feeder & Service Pillar Box Series...READ MORE

AMPACT - Wedge Connectors

AMPACT Wedge Connector technology is the key to higher efficiency and more reliable power connections that address the above demerits of conventional connectors...READ MORE

Power Cable Accessories

Under the well-established brand name Raychem, Raychem RPG offers a comprehensive range of cable accessories for almost all cable types...READ MORE

Surge Arrester

Raychem's polymeric surge arresters for voltage power distribution systems upto 800kV are designed to reliably protect your valuable assets from over voltage. They withstand severe outdoor exposure over long operating lifetime and help maintain service reliability in both overhead and underground installations...READ MORE


Reduction in I2R Losses, Safe Insulated Connections , Lockable , Tamper Proof Design , Easy Sectionalising...READ MORE


Raychem's TRAFOCONNECT is engineered to keep the contact resistance low for the lifetime of the transformer. Its lighter & pretty simple to install as it uses the modern shear bolt technology....READ MORE

Insulation Enhancement System

Raychem RPG produces high voltage insulating products, cable accessories and protection systems for electrical supply companies and utilities, original equipment manufacturers and major industrial companies...READ MORE

Covered Conductors

Protects the aluminum conductor from corrosion,Reducing faults caused by tree contacts and enhance the reliability,reducing animal faults,preventing bush fires...READ MORE

Distribution Box

Distribution boxes minimize unauthorized consumer access at the connection point,the boxes give a well - organized appearance to the connection point and improves service quality ...READ MORE

Feeder Pillar

NH vertical switch fuse disconnectors are three-pole fuse-switches for busbar mounting where three single-pole fuse-switches are vertically arranged in one unit...READ MORE

Hivelm Isolator

Reliable and robust construction,Have been tested successfully for short circuit, dielectric, corona, seismic and RIV at International test houses as per IEC and Indian Standards...READ MORE


Insulators have the dual functions of mechanically supporting aerial conductors while also providing adequate electrical insulation between the energised conductor and the supporting pole or structure...READ MORE

Power Consultancy

Raychem RPG’s Services Division offers a wide range of consultancy & service solutions to the utilities and industrial customers for optimized use, enhanced performance, better reliability and cost-effectiveness of electrical network and equipment...READ MORE

Raychem Capability Brochure

A reliable power supply network has many factors that govern its efficiency. Some of the more significant ones include the cable accessories as well as the connectors and fittings...READ MORE


Very easy to install, operate and maintain, Raypoles can be installed by an engineer and two technicians in just seven hours - 4 hours for structure and 3 hours of internal connections...READ MORE

Switchboards and Panels

Rayfeed Switchboards are user - friendly as the products have evolved based on the continuous feedbacks and request from our valuable customers...READ MORE

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Automated,continuous thermal and visual imaging of substation for performance and safety,Remote fault detection and alarm generation...READ MORE

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