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Industrial Cable Gland - Category A

Our Cable glands are designed for use with all types of electrical power, control, instrumentation, data telecommunications cables & fire rated Cables. They are used as a sealing and termination device to ensure that the characteristics of the enclosure which the cable enters....READ MORE

Industrial Cable Gland - Category B

Cable Gland is a device designed to ease the entry of a cable, flexible cable or insulated conductor into an enclosure. It provides environmental protection by necessary sealing, preventing the dust and moisture from entering the enclosure/cable Cable Glands also helps....READ MORE

Ex Cable Gland

Raychem RPG manufactures cable glands suitable for Ex Hazardous areas in which fiammable substances (Oil & Gas) substantially exist in atmosphere, hence the potentially explosive atmospheres. Our cable glands are suitable & compatible for the equipment/enclosures/junction boxes....READ MORE

Euro Series Cable Gland

Features of Euro Series Cable Lugs Leaflet are Highly reliable, High quality strain relief and sealing, Good performance for standard industrial application, Easy assembly install cable gland – insert cable – tighten cap.Application area are Industrial, chemical industries....READ MORE

Cable Lugs & Wire Connector

Our Lugs are manufactured from electrolytic copper tube and Aluminum of grade 1050 , 6061 ,1350. They are available with rectangular inspection hole or without inspection hole as per requirement. As a standard our lugs come with flat contact surface and precise stud holes....READ MORE

Euro Series Cable Lugs Leaflet

Raychem RPG Lugs are Manufactured from Electrolytic Copper Tube.With Rectangular Inspection Hole to Ensure Full Cable Insertion.All Copper Lugs are Tin Plated to Improve Electrical Conductivity and Avoid Corrosion and Oxidation.Chamfered Barrel Entry for Easy Cable....READ MORE

Clamping Solution

Raychem RPG is one of the leading manufacturers in R-Loc clamping solution. It manufactures a wide range of clamping products ranging from stainless steel cable ties to bands to buckles to marking & identification systems offering a one stop solution to all your clamping requirements.....READ MORE

Early Streamer Emission (ESE)

RPG Enterprises, an establishment of over 30 years, is one of India’s fastest growing business groups with turnover of US$ 3 Billion. The group has more than fifteen companies managing diverse business interests in the areas of Automotive Tyres, Infrastructure, IT and Specialty including Pharmaceuticals, Power Ancillaries & Plantations.....READ MORE

Earthing & Lightning Protection Solution

At Raychem RPG we provide you with complete one stop solution for all your Earthing and Lightning protection needs. As a solution provider we offer you with.The aim of the risk assessment process is to remove a hazard or reduce the level of risk by adding precautions or control measures....READ MORE

Aluminium Ex Enclosure

Our Aluminum Ex Enclosures are made up of AlSi12 grade of aluminum. They provide reliable protection for your electrical equipment in hazardous areas. Our enclosures are used for gas explosion protection in zones 1 and 2 and for dust explosion protection in zones 21 and 22.....READ MORE

Aluminium Standard Enclosure

Our Aluminum Standard Enclosures are known for providing complete safety to your electrical equipment. We are well equipped with all the facilities required to modify the standard enclosure as per the customer’s requirement. These customized services include machining, painting.....READ MORE

Enclosures Portfolio

It’s been a decade since IBD has been involved in the manufacturing of Enclosures and since then has continuously followed its goal to become a leading solution provider for all the enclosing requirements, which are suitable for both industrial and hazardous market areas....READ MORE

Fire rated Enclosure

Our Fire Rated Aluminum Junction Boxes has been designed and successfully tested in accordance with international industry standards for use in various projects. Our fire rated boxes have been successfully tested as per requirements with BS 6387 for Category C....READ MORE

GRP Ex Enclosure

Our GRP Ex Enclosures come in RAL 9011 black color. They are suitable for use in harsh and demanding locations both onshore and offshore. Material :Glass reinforced ployester, graphite added,Color:Similar to RAL 9011 / Black, Protection Class :IP66, EN 60529....READ MORE

GRP Standard Enclosures

Our GRP Standard Enclosures come in RAL 7000 grey and RAL 9011 black color. They provide you with an ingress protection of IP 66 to EN 60529. We also provide IP 67 and IP 68 on request.Ingress Protection:IP 66 to EN 60529 - IP 66 to EN 60529.....READ MORE

MS Enclosures Flier

Steel Enclosure, Value addition through machining of conduit holes, Gasket options – Neoprene & EPDM (High temperature resistant) , Ingress Protection : IP65, TIG welded (oxide free) for sound joints, Powder coated finish (RAL color shade as per choice).....READ MORE

Stainless Steel Ex Enclosure

Our Stainless-SteelEx Enclosures are available as empty enclosures or equipped with suitable number ofterminal blocks.Enclosures material thickness ranges between 1.5mm to 2mm. The material used is either 304 stainlesssteel which contains at least 10.5% Chromium(Cr).....READ MORE

Stainless Steel Standard Enclosure

Our Stainless Steel Standard Enclosures are designed with cleanliness and ingress protection in mind. It provides high resistance to corrosion and ensures best performance of your electrical equipment.Our Stainless Steel Standard Enclosures are intended for harsh environment....READ MORE

Personal Protection Solution

Electrical Insulation mats are made of rubber. Rubber, due to its properties of resistivity, is used in many applications throughout industry to insulate and protect; it is an obvious choice for electrical safety matting and is tested vigorously to ensure the level of protection is met......READ MORE

Product Portfolio

RPG Enterprises, an establishment of over 30 years, is one of India’s fastest growing business groups with turnover of US$ 3 Billion. The group has more than fifteen companies managing diverse business interests in the areas of Automotive Tyres, Infrastructure......READ MORE

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